Homework 1

In a reply to this post, introduce yourself.

Include whatever information you would like. You may want to include your major, interests, or favorite color. Feel free to reply to other students or start conversation. The main purpose of this assignment is to make sure everyone can use the website so that future assignments go smoothly.

You may need to click on the title of the post to see the form for entering comments. There should also be a small link just under the title.

I would like you to log in when you make the post, so that you are recognized by the system. I think this will make future posts work better. You can use a WordPress account, Twitter, or Facebook.

Your post may not show up immediately. Do not panic. Part of working out the kinks in the system involves me fiddling around with things, which may involve posts not showing up right away. If your post does not show up within a day or so, though, feel free to email me or ask me in class.

Due Tuesday August 30th, before class.


68 thoughts on “Homework 1

  1. Matt Halm says:

    Replies look like this!

    • cjhawley says:

      Hey, my name is CJ Hawley. I am from Snohomish, Waashington. I went to Glacier Peak High school where I played basketball for a year and football for four. I plan to major in Criminal Justice.

    • Jose Aguilar says:

      hey, my name is Jose Aguilar and i am from Naches, WA. almost no one knows where that is so i just say i am from Yakima..(they’re only about 7 miles apart) it was a small school. my graduating class only consisted of about 120 students. my hobbies include practicing guitar, skateboarding, and playing tennis. my current major is electrical engineering

    • Hey, my name is Jessica Carey but call me Jess. I’m from Marysville, WA. I went to Marysville – Pilchuck high school and played volleyball and tennis all 4 years. For right now my intended major is Hospitality Business Management. My favorite T.V. shows are Friday Night Lights and Lost! I don’t know what else to say…I’m pretty cool. Oh and I hate feet!!!!!!!

    • Hello, my name is Brian Bringhurst. I am from Snohomish, Washington. I went to Glacier Peak High School.
      I was on the school swim team for three years starting when I was a Sophomore.
      During my Senior year, I was the Captain of the Swim Team.

  2. Tommy Healy says:

    Hello, I’m Thomas Healy. I’m probably going to major in business, or finance. I played hockey for 12 years, and am still really into sports and athletics in general. I’m also really excited to be starting college and being here at WSU!

  3. Ellie Frame says:

    Hello hello! My name is Ellie Frame. I am from Spokane, WA and I graduated from University High School. Sports and leadership positions were my life in high school. Also, I can’t wait for Cougar football Saturdays! Go Cougs!

  4. Maddy Gilbert :) says:

    Hi, I’m Madison Gilbert (Madison or Maddy both work). I am from Minden, NV and don’t know a single person here at WSU, lol. I did gymnastics for 12 years and played varsity softball, golf, and track in high school.
    I plan on majoring in Pre-Dentistry so I can become an orthodontist šŸ™‚

  5. Matt Juran says:

    Hey, I’m Matt Juran, I am from Port Townsend, Washington, props if you know where that is. I am interested in studying business at WSU. I played football, basketball, and baseball during high school. I enjoy pretty much anything to do with sports.

  6. Hey everyone, my name is Garrett Vandiver and I am a freshman this year. I am really looking foward to being here at WSU. Go cougs!!

  7. Natalie Mohr says:

    HI, I’m Natalie Mohr, I was born and raised in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I plan to double major in Zoology and Biology and minor is Animal Science, my longterm goal is to become a Veterinarian. In High School I was really involved in Community Service and Student Council. My favorite food is Sushi and Poke šŸ™‚ and when I had any free time my friends and I would go to Kua Bay or Hapuna beach.

  8. hey, im jeff mickelson born and raised in kirkland washington, i went to lake washington high and on my free time i like hangin out with friends. i plan to major in accounting

  9. Hi! My name is Amelia Student. I grew up in Sammamish, Washington and I went to Eastlake High School. I am a Criminal Justice major here at WSU and I am proud to be a baby theta!

  10. Hello, my name is Spencer Sare. I am from Orcas Island, WA. I was born in Sheridan, WY. My major at this point is Civil Engineering. English is defiantly a weakness of mine that I hope to become stronger at. I love snow,skate, and wake boarding. As well as golf, football, and basketball. Pretty much any thing active.

  11. hello i am aaron chester i am from port orchard, washington (western washington) i attended south kitsap high school and plan on majoring in chemical engineering. fun fact- i am an identical twin and he is my roommate

  12. Miranda Lee Robbins says:


    My name is Miranda Lee Robbins. I am at WSU on a full ride scholarship, for academics. I was born in Ellensburg, WA. In the middle of fourth grade I moved to Snowville, UT. After Utah I moved to Troy, OR, and Enterprise, OR, then Sadler, TX, then Checkerboard, MT, and now I am living back in Enterprise, OR. I played sports in high school. My favorite is volleyball but I also played basketball, ran track, and I did Rodeo. My major is Criminal Justice. I got engaged August 1st, 2011. I also did modeling for JC Pennies Mag, from the age of 4 – 8. Then I did acting and modeling school at John Robert Powers in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then in 8th grade I went to Las Vegas for Model Search America and placed top 12 of about 3,500 people.

  13. Brett Rose says:

    Hey my name is Brett Rose! I live in South Bend,Washington on the west coast “The Oyster Capital of the world!”. I went to South Bend high school “Home of the Indians” I live on a cattle ranch so I plan on majoring in Agriculture Technology and Management with a minor in Animal Science. I’m hoping one day to take over my families ranch and be a 4th generation rancher in the family. I’m really laid back and easy to talk to! GO COUGS!

  14. Hello there! My name is Caitlin Collins and I am from Bellevue, Washington. I plan to double major in French and International Business. I attended Bellevue High School. My favorite authors include -but are not limited to- John Green, David Sedaris and Chuck Palahnniuk. I also really love Doctor Who.

  15. Emily Schmid says:

    hey my name is Emily Schmid and I’m from Washougal, WA and I’m excited to be here at WSU. My major is dental hygiene.

  16. I am Michael George. I can’t wait for football season to start.

  17. Hey my name is Austyn Downie, I am from Seattle WA. I am a freshman and I am really excited for this year! I am planning on majoring in communications.

  18. Chloe Burt says:

    Hello! I’m Chloe! I’m from Santa Cruz, CA. I am majoring in Wildlife Ecology and I hope to go to Africa to work their with lions! Another kinda cool thing about me is I was born in England! šŸ™‚

  19. Michelle Spoelhof says:

    Hello, my name is Michelle Spoelhof. I’m from Seattle Washington and I went to Nathan Hale HS. I have played soccer for 12 years and done track since 8th grade. I plan to major in pre vet/ pre med.

  20. Hey my name is Ellen Simonsen, and I am one of the surprisingly many people at WSU who is from Pullman! I love doing anything active and have played many different sports throughout the years. I am majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Spanish.

  21. Hey guys! My name is Simon, well actually it is John but that is a story in itself, and I am currently a sophomore majoring in chemistry! I am from a little ol town right outside of spokane, liberty lake, and i went to Gonzaga Prep High School! Currently living in the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity here on campus and enjoy long walks on the beach, staying up late talking about girls, curling my hair and painting my nails. In my free time i usually watch gossip girl and the twilight series. I am an active member of team Edward.

  22. Hello! My name is Christopher Eder and I am from Pearl City, Hawaii. I went to Pearl City High School. I am a Business major and I also like to play tennis. I like to go to the beach but I am a terrible swimmer. My favorite color is blue!

  23. Hey there! I’m Ashley Burnette. I’m from Whidbey Island, and I graduated from OHHS. I was committed to leadership and yearbook in high school. I played basketball for five years, and I loooooove going to football games! I am now apart of AOII as of Sunday! I’m completely stoked! I love the greek life already! Alpha love ā¤

  24. Hello guys, my name is Maria but I go by Rebeca because I am the third Maria in my family. My mom is name Maria and my older sister who is a junior here at WSU it’s also name Maria. I am from Grandview, Washington. I went to Grandview High School. Right now I am undecided but hopefully in the future i would know what i want to study. I love bowling and I am in the Cougar Marching Band. I like pancakes with cheese, well I love any kind of food with cheese and I love the twilight series books and movies and I can’t wait until Breaking dawn comes up:)

  25. Kyle Nishida says:

    Hi guys, my name is Kyle Nishida. I am from Clackamas, Oregon (15 minutes Southeast of Portland if you guys wanted to know exactly). I played high school football for three years and baseball for two years at Clackamas High School. I missed my junior year of baseball and my senior year of football due to two ACL tears (Yes, they hurt). I love to talk about sports. For Seahawks and Mariners fans, I am very critical of those two teams. I am a Communications major with a focus on broadcasting news. I’m looking to join the Daily Evergreen, Cable 8 and/or KUGR radio. My favorite color is red.

  26. Hey everyone!

    My name is Sara Fugelseth. I am a freshmen this year. I am from Medical Lake WA (a smaill town next to Spokane.) My favorite colors are pink, purple and green. My favorite animals are cats, dogs, bunnies, horses and parrots. I am going to major in nursing and I hope to be a N.I.C.U (sick babies) nurse šŸ™‚

  27. Hi,

    My name is Margaret Kreder, but you can call me Maggie. I am from Dayton, Oregon and am a freshman majoring in Wildlife Ecology. I graduated from Western Mennonite School in Salem, Oregon, where I was a part of choir and varsity girls soccer for four years. I love most colors but my most favorite are blue, green and grey. I love reading, especially science fiction and fantasy novels. My family farms blueberries, blackberries, grass seed, wheat, clover, and green beans. We have a herd of cattle and my favorite is a red limousin cow named Rebecca who will be six years old on May 3rd. I also have a dog, Jet, who is a chocolate lab/german shorthaired pointer.

    • The timestamps on the corners of the commments are wrong…

      • Matt Halm says:

        Hm, you’re right. It was set on GMT for some reason. Should be fixed now, though I guess it doesn’t retroactively fix them so all of the previous posts will appear to be from students pulling all-nighters to finish the first homework assignment… a week before it’s due.

        Edit: and I still messed it up… fixed again, for real this time…

  28. Katie Roche says:

    Hi, my name is Katie Roche. I’m from Folsom, California. In high school I played basketball and on the weekends i was a youth basketball referee. I plan on majoring in Business.

  29. Hey I’m Sam Ferenchak, and I’m from Vancouver, Washington. I’m planning on majoring in sport management and walking on to the track team here. I played football and threw javelin in high school. I’m enjoying WSU so far and I think it’s gonna be great year!

  30. Adam Crouch says:

    My name is Adam Crouch. I am a freshman from Bellevue, Washington. I graduated from Interlake High School where I was very involved. I was the captain of the varsity baseball team, swam on the varsity swim team, president of the school service club, a member of DECA, and class officer for all four years. intend on majoring in either entrepreneurship or accounting. I have an older cousin who attends WSU, and is currently studying abroad in Madagascar. I have a younger sister who will be a junior in high school this year. I love sports and being outside at all times. I am a very social and outgoing person.

  31. Zach Lundin says:

    My name is Zach Lundin. I am from Kirkland,Washington and graduated from Inglemoor High School in kenmore. I am hoping to be really involved in the school eventually, and am starting in the greek system. Go cougs. Go greek. Cougar football soon!!

  32. Hey everyone, i’m Axel Ellsworth. I’m from Carnation Washington. If you don’t know where that is you aren’t alone, but anyways I went to Cedarcrest High School in Duvall. While I was there I played football all 4 years and wrestled and played baseball one year each. I’m an athletic training major as well.I summer signed with the fraternity Phi Kappa Theta and am looking forward to what this upcoming year will bring

  33. Andrew Rega says:

    Hey guys! Iā€™m Andrew Patrick Rega, I am from Federal Way, WA but attended Bellarmine Preparatory high school in Tacoma WA. In high school I enjoyed playing football, wrestling, and lacrosse. Even though twenty-five percent of my graduating class is attending WSU I am trying to stay away from them and meet new people. I am excited for what Pullman has to offer. I am also planning on majoring in accounting.

  34. danielwenker says:

    My name is Daniel Wenker. I am a freshman from the great town of Yakima, WA. I went to West Valley High School. I love to play tennis and snowboard. I was very involved with tennis and DECA throughout high school. I plan to major in either finance or international business.

  35. Quincy Powers says:

    Hello I’m Quincy Powers but I go by the name of Mac for some reason. I’m from Eugene, Oregon and I love the Oregon Ducks but don’t worry I love the Cougs too. I can’t wait for football season to start. I ran cross country and played a little tennis in high school. I’m a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and I’m excited for this semester to get rolling.

  36. Cory Ladd says:

    Posted my little assignment on the wrong page… Anyways my names Cory Ladd and I came from Gig Harbor, Washington. It’s a small city about 50 minutes from Seattle and 20 minutes from Tacoma.

  37. I’m Kynsey Follett, and I am from Tacoma, WA. This is my third year here at WSU. My sister went to WSU. Two of my cousins went to WSU. A bunch of my aunts went to WSU. I’ve been a coug since birth. Go cougs!

  38. randytran says:

    Sup. Name is at the top left. Things I like to do is long walks on the beach and my major is underwater basket weaving… No not really. I am a Bomber Alumni. My mascot is the MUSHROOM CLOUD. Yeah top that. I am a 2nd yr and gotta say my first year… it was a blur, Butt! yes everyone has one at birth, but I will tell yall what I learned my first year at WSU. Beer b4 Liquor, never been sicker. Liquor b4 beer, ur in teh clear . Hokay so, my favorite colour is rainbow because hell; why not? Moving on. My major would be Comp. Sci. yes its gonna be hella tight even though “hella” is not a word though children uses it like they use funner though apparently the word “funner” is a word(no red line under) correct me if I’m wrong.
    I’m hoping no one writes as hella long as me, cuz I feel like I am getting an achievement point.
    Have you ever been told that you don’t need weed bcuz ur chilled all the time? oar! you use them for rowing boats. or been told ur a bro 6 or 7 time in a convo? Cool we have something in common.
    Gotta say, this assignment is pretty sweet because there is really no limit to what you can do to express yourself.
    Is this too long? No? okay so, I like to travel. But, I’ve yet to leave the continent which sucks cuz I want to leave the continent. and I guess explore or go on some crazy adventure with Indiana Jones.
    I was deprived on falsely believing that Santa was real, which really saved sometime. fyi
    I love to eat exotic foods and really hoping to try some deep fried tarantula. Why?! BECAUSE YOUTUBE MADE IT LOOK GOOD! and I was hungry at the time.
    Why did I look up on eating tarantula?? Becuz like everyone else I’ve met, I use youtube to… download free music, watch hilarious ass videos, and other stuff. Bet a couple troopers reading this is like “OMG” why is the guy using words like “ass”, or “hell” or “damn”?? wait I didn’t use that last one. until now.
    To summarize the long ass response; my name is at the top left. I like rainbows, they taste like skittles. My mascot is controversial(gee I wonder why?). I’ve had my share of drunken nights. I am a computer geek. I like to go places and I like to eat good food. Oh did I mention I’m a smartass? JK! Hope you enjoyed reading this you weirdo.

  39. Kira Woods says:

    Hey Everyone, my name is Kira Woods. I am Eighteen, as of August 12, and am a freshman this year at WSU. Some of my hobbies are photography, trap, and snowboarding. I am from Tri-cities, WA, the best place on earth… sometimes. Oh and I plan on majoring in Engineering, Go cougs!

  40. Hey, just to let you know, Wes Concepcion is writing this post. So a little about myself, I’ve played almost every sport known to man. My main two sports are soccer and football. I plan to walk on the team as the kicker/punter in the spring (for more information as to why i didn’t try out in the fall, come talk to me, its a long story). i’m from Kent, Washington where i attended Kentridge High School. Currently, i’m planning on majoring in Bio-medical Engineering. Sounds tough, but its the right mix of science and math, which are my two favorite subjects…sorry, English didn’t make the cut. Oh, two fast facts about me. I was born 3.5 months premature weighing 2 1/2lbs, and it may not look like it but i’m 50% Cuban.

    Go Cougs!

  41. Hello! My name is Aubrey Bogdan. I am from Black Diamond, WA. I am 18, and will not be blowing out my candles until May 23rd. I graduated from Enumclaw High School where I was a part of the track team, sports medicine program and varsity cheer team. I was planning on majoring in nursing, so I could become an ER or ICU nurse, but I really do not want to go to Spokane. Sophomore year I plan to study abroad in Italy for a semester because I plan on minoring in Italian. I love to creep on people, and I am very random, so if you do not know me you will probably find me a little odd. I will always be reppin’ my DG letters and the cougars of course. Well…. GO COUGS!

  42. Kris stroud says:

    Hi guys my name is Kris stroud, I’m 18 years old and I live in Seattle. I previously lived in Boston, but moved to Seattle in the 4th grade. I plan on majoring in business or communications at wsu. I love to ski, play basketball and play tennis

  43. Jesenia Cifuentes says:

    Hi! My name is Jesenia Cifuentes, I am from Wenatchee, Washington the Apple Capitol of the World! But i do not like to eat apples or drink apple juice.I am majoring in Criminal Justice but im thinking psychology might be the way for me. I like watching hockey, i love going to church and hanging out with friends! WSU was the last place I saw myself at but here I am and I’m really liking it!

  44. Beau Goetz says:

    Hey im beau goetz and this is my first year at WSU! Im really into design and coming up with new ideas. I’m also into music and sports and i like getting to know new people. I come from a small town called Gig Harbor where everyone knows everyone else so feel free to hit me up!

  45. Im Brandon Grant and am one of the only Sophomores in English 101 as far as I can tell. I came to pullman from Olympia and am currently studying Criminal Justice. I am also interested in getting started in parkour, and hopefully I can find some others to join me in that. If you wish to know more, ask away.

  46. Hely guys! My name is Eduardo Camacho and I’m 18 years old. i want to major in construction management and minor in bussines. I from Pasco, WA or better know as Tri-Cities.i love to play soccer and jogging.

  47. Lexi Garvin says:

    Hey my names Lexi. I’m from Renton WA and went to Hazen High School. I’m a soccer player and I worked at the Old Spaghetti Factory for almost 2 years. My intent is to major in HBM and minor in French. I am a new member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority & GO COUGS

  48. Tara Kollman says:

    Hi, my name is Tara Kollman. I from Bothell, WA and I went to Inglemoor High School. I’ve played soccer since I was five and in the summer I work as a coach for a day camp. In the future I plan to major in education.

  49. Joseph Kaleta says:

    Hello, I am Joe Kaleta. I am from Syracuse NY. I know i have came a very long way to come to wsu. I play football for the cougars. I love football i don’t know where I would be without it. I hope to enjoy english this year and get a good grade.

  50. Zack Dreyer says:

    hey, my name is Zack Dreyer, and I’m from northern California in the Bay. I enjoy working out and reading. Ghandi and Bruce Lee are my heroes. I plan to major in kinesiology, and hope to someday be a successful physical therapist.

  51. Matt Halm says:

    I guess I should do one too.

    My name is Matt Halm. I did my undergrad in Cleveland Ohio, where I majored in Math and English. I am a graduate student here at WSU where I take classes and teach you guys. I like photography and movies and writing (usually).

  52. Jad Husayni says:

    My name is Jad Husayni, I am from Chicago. I don’t really like English but I need to get better at writing. I am majoring in Biology. I like to play sports such as hockey, ping pong, and anything else that seems fun. The only sports I don’t like are baseball and cross country.

  53. Dan Conover says:

    My name is Dan Conover and I am form Redmond Washington. I am actually a junior retaking this course due to bad decisions (mostly Greek) my first semester of freshman year. Writing comes easy to me and I enjoy it quite a bit as long as the material I am writing about is already something of interest. This is the last semester I have before I am only in 300 and 400 level classes and I hope to enjoy it while it last. Go Cougs!

  54. roksa says:

    I much like the treasured details you offer you on your reports.I will bookmark your blogging site and check out again the following on a regular basis.I am quite guaranteed I will learn lots of new things proper the following! Decent luck to the subsequent!

  55. I much like the valuable details you give you inside of your posts.I’ll bookmark your web log and check once more listed here frequently.I’m somewhat totally sure I’ll study a lot of recent things perfect listed here! Beneficial luck for your future!

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